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We are an activewear brand born from a passion for physical and mental wellbeing.  All our products are made in Colombia with the highest quality standards and unique, stylish, and functional designs.


  • We are energy
  • We are strength
  • We inspire self-love
  • We are Pure PWR!



We believe in your inner power, but we understand that bringing it to light is not an easy job. For this reason, we want to start this journey with you and created an inclusive brand, for different bodies, ages, heights, and skin colors.


For a year, inspired by the premise of the Manipura chakra, we designed the first collection: a perfect mix of style, comfort, and creative combinations.

Pure PWR is an American sportswear company based in Dallas, with the goal to be a purpose-driven brand to empower you through activewear. The essence of Pure PWR is inspired by the third chakra Manipura, associated with your self-esteem, sense of purpose, personal identity, and individual will. When consciousness moves freely in this center, you are empowered by transformative energy.

Right Here, Right Now!

Currently, we sell our products online and on social networks, carrying the message of power that is in each one.

Pure PWR Team: Women for women

We are diverse women, with different backgrounds and experiences, specializing in particular disciplines, definitely a powerful combination. We are here to carry an empowering message to all the women that we can reach.

Join our journey and discover your inner power

Our products


We are based in Dallas, TX, and we deliver throughout the USA!


Power, self-love, strength and energy. You will find this and more in #PUREPWRFIT!


All of our fabrics are designed to move with your body and be ultra-absorbent, breathable, and durable. Perfect for your workouts, yoga, or hanging around!


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